Job Shadowing

20140305_083029_i-29n“Job shadowing is an activity in which youth gain an up-close look at the world of work by accompanying a professional or professionals in the workplace as they do their work. Job shadowing provides an opportunity to see firsthand what tasks a professional does, to learn what skills and knowledge it takes to do the tasks, and to get a feel for what the work environment and routine is like. Job shadowing may be a one-on-one activity, in which one youth is paired with one professional, or it can be a group activity in which a small group of youth accompanies the professional. While a job shadowing experience may be as short as a few hours, a half-day to full-day opportunity is ideal and some job shadowing experiences last for more than one day. A longer job shadowing experience ensures that youth have enough time to get familiar with the work environment, meet various people who work there, and learn about the work that they do. It also provides a chance for the youth to observe the professional who is being shadowed and his/her co-workers completing a range of tasks.” (

Seniors 2017 will be doing these visits this month. You may see the schedule of their visits here:


About Adalberto Loaiza

Secondary School Principal at GI School Armenia - Colombia
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