University Fair 2015

University_fairThis Thursday, September 10th, GI School is having an important event called “Jornada Académica de Universidades” (University Fair). We are having 41 universities/agencies and 250 students from other schools plus our students from 9th to 12th grade. Each university will present a 45 minutes lecture about different topics in order to help student to choose their university program.

Each teacher has been assigned to be in a specific classroom from 8:40 to 12:15 . Your job is to supervise students behavior, assist the lecturer with the logistics of the classroom (video beam, markers, etc.) and make sure that everything is going well. Also, one or two eleventh grade students were assigned to help inside each classroom (see table below).



  1. Please make sure you don’t have anything over your desk. The technology office will provide remote controls for the classrooms. Remove valuable items and keep them locked.
  2. Lock your storage cabinet/room.

During the event:
3. Maintain discipline: Ask students from GI and from other schools to go into the classrooms after transitions. There should not be students outside during the lectures.
Correct and/or inform any inappropriate behavior by GI or visiting students. The maximum capacity for each classroom is 25, please close the door when it is full.

  1. Help visitors to solve doubts. Call Martha Eugenia (3155475315) or Lina González (3103611833) if necessary. They are going to be around to help and solve doubts you might have.


7:45               All students go to the coliseum. Traslado al coliseo
8:00              Opening / Apertura de la Jornada
8:30               Students go to the classrooms / Traslado a las aulas
8:40 – 9:25    First Lecture / Primera conferencia
9:30- 10:15     Second Lecture / Segunda conferencia
10:15 – 10:40   Break  and visit to the stands/ Receso  y visita exhibidores
10:45 – 11:25   Third lecture / Tercera conferencia
11:30: 12:15     Fourth lecture / Cuarta conferencia. Fin del evento.
12:15                Classes resume / Inician clases.

feria_universidades 2015


About Adalberto Loaiza

Secondary School Principal at GI School Armenia - Colombia
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