ready for schoolAs I passed by your classrooms today, I confirmed that we have an excellent team of professionals in Secondary school. I think that our students and parents will be impressed by your organization and quality work. Most teachers had organized and decorated their rooms. Lockers were marked, desks in place in various types of arrangements, expectations posted, the CHAMP charts in place, even different types of star shapes! I loved it.

On Wednesday: Send students to the coliseum. After the assembly, see them in your room. Touch base, introduce yourself, give them a treat and assign lockers. Wish them luck and wait for the instruction to start class.

I think we are ready. Best of luck to you all this school year. And remember: we are a team. Your success is ours and the real winners are the students.


About Adalberto Loaiza

Secondary School Principal at GI School Armenia - Colombia
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