Dear teachers,

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year.

Every year brings its own challenges and hopes. This year is no different.

We are still feeling the huge impact that the departure of several teachers, who had been at school for a long time, caused in our community. These teachers, who left for different reasons, take with them a wealth of knowledge and the know-how of our school. They left their mark as they contributed to the success of GI and our students. There is no doubt that we will miss Doralba, Alejandro, Rubén, Jairo, Jennifer, Leo, Luis Gustavo, Tania, among others.

Therefore, the year ahead is a big challenge for those who take on the responsibility to continue the excellent work done in the past. We are certain that the new teachers are the right ones to fill the openings left by those wonderful people mentioned above. The new group of secondary school teachers makes the right combination for success: experience, education, quality, and passion for teaching. We are proud of the new team and we are sure that you all will step up to the plate and meet the challenge not only to continue but also to improve the quality work our students expect.

The school has put in place a mentoring program based on instructional coaching to help you succeed in your work and enjoy the experience. Your success is the best indicator of the quality of our students’ learning and growth. That is why we have high expectations about the results of this program. We are committed to the formation of a Professional Learning Community where you may find the support and resources to be better teachers and the inspiration for your daily work.

This is going to be a great year. I look forward to working with all of you in the coming school year.


Adalberto Loaiza
Secondary School Principal


About Adalberto Loaiza

Secondary School Principal at GI School Armenia - Colombia
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