! Welcome Back After Easter! Felices Pascuas!

Dear teachers!

Welcome back after easter!

I hope you have enjoyed a much deserved rest this past week. We are back and now we enter into the final quarter of this school year. Let’s take a look at the events ahead:

-This week we begin with external audits from Icontec. Please, have your planning up to date. The auditor may ask for some planning books (in this case, GANAG lessons on line). Also, make sure your portfolio is also up to date.

– We are going to meet with NHS and NJHS students who will be dismissed because they have not been able to maintain a GPA over 85 this year. But, first, we have to meet with Faculty councils to formalize this decision.

– The juniors will take their MICHIGAN ENGLISH TEST (MET) this Wednesday. This is a graduation requirement. They must get a score in the B2 or C1 category.  Jennifer Ferguson is in charge. Juniors will not have class, and they will go home after lunch.

– MAP tests are around the corner. Carmen Cecilia just sent the firts draft of the MAP test schedule. Take a look at subb times to avoid conflicts.

– This Thursday, we have Flag Raising ceremony at 8:15. It is the celebration of Spanish Day. 7th graders are in charge.

I wish you all a good week ! and a better quarter!!


About Adalberto Loaiza

Secondary School Principal at GI School Armenia - Colombia
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