From Charlotte:

Hello!   Here are a few questions that I have about Culture Week just to clarify things for my students:

  1. What do the students need to wear each day?

[*] Students wear their PE uniform. They have to be comfortable because we have sports activities every day.

  1. Are there any themes for the dress code this year?

[*] The Student Council wants to include some “spirit days” this week, but they have not communicated their ideas to me yet. The House sponsors in middle school may ask their students to wear their house color to the different contests. That will certainly give them bonus points.

  1. When they are allowed to wear different clothes, can they use them all day, or is it just for a short spent of time/specific activity?

[*] Students in Middle school may wear their house color all week. However, I doubt they have enough shirts to wear every day. House sponsors may convene to decide when and what their kids are going to show the spirit of their house. If I were a sponsor, I would come up with a plan so that every day kids could wear or use something different with the color of the house: a hat, a shirt, a flag, a cape, etc. I will leave that to your creativity and imagination.

  1. What time do we need to be at the SuperInter on Centernario in the morning?

[*] 5:45 am. The bike ride starts at 6:00 am.

  1. Can parents come along?  Do they need to use bikes also?

[*] Parents usually come along. Some ride bikes, others jog, others roller skate. Bike riders and skaters do need helmets.

  1. How do students get home at the end of Monday?

[*] I think you meant “Tuesday”? They get home on the bus. Parents must pick up the bikes at some time during the day. Kids may NOT ride bikes inside the school during the day. Bikes are kept in a special place, marked with the name of the students, and given to parents when they come.

  1. Is there still detention on Thursday and Friday?

[*] Yes. Detention is necessary in case we want to punish kids for misbehavior during activities. Also, we will assign a “detention classroom” DURING activities in case we have to remove kids for misbehavior. 


About Adalberto Loaiza

Secondary School Principal at GI School Armenia - Colombia
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