What is a homeroom teacher?
What makes a successful homeroom teacher?[1]

Probably, the most important component of being a HOMEROOM TEACHER is the advisory component of the job. Homeroom teachers meet with the student on a regular basis for the purpose of academic, career, and personal-social advising.  Homeroom teachers have basic knowledge of the guidance aspects of education such as limits of confidentiality, referral procedures, and active listening.

Besides being somebody that collects information to fill out reports, a homeroom teacher is, above all:

  • A caring adult who knows the student (who they are, their interests, their strengths and weaknesses)
  • The student’s advocate (helping other teachers understand and work with his/her students without getting in the way of other teacher’s problems with them)
  • A teacher who helps every student in his or her class to find ways of being successful within the academic and social environments and demands of the school.
  • A teacher that helps students to set goals and monitor their progress toward those goals.
  • A teacher who promotes communication and coordination between home and school (calling parents, writing notes in the student’s agenda, etc).

A personal connection to a homeroom teacher may make a huge difference in whether a student succeeds or fails. Helping students succeed is what being a homeroom teacher is all about.

Some of the activities a homeroom teacher does, include:

  • Group discussions about conflicts within the group.
  • Personal conversations with students in order to help them find ways out of conflicts.
  • Activities that enhance friendship, respect, and solidarity among the class.
  • Community service projects with the class
  • Preparation for school celebrations (Flag Raising Ceremonies, Halloween, Christmas, School Anniversary, etc.)
  • Fund raising activities for the class.
  • Activities that promote the students’ self-esteem (birthday celebrations, student of the week, and so forth).
[1] Adapted from “Advice About Middle School Advisories” from www.educationworld.com; http://asai.indstate.edu/guidingallkids/teacheradvisor.htm ;


About Adalberto Loaiza

Secondary School Principal at GI School Armenia - Colombia
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